From volume to value

Using payer insights to increase sales effectiveness

The dynamics around how physicians consider prescribing treatments have changed dramatically. They must now take into account not only the patient profile, but also formulary status of the treatment, system guidelines, network restrictions and incentives. Life sciences sales representatives therefore are changing how they approach practitioners. They must navigate through the complex and dynamic web of relationships between patients, physicians, and payers in order to bring their valuable information to physicians. With more than 53% of physicians placing moderate-to-severe access restrictions on pharmaceutical sales representatives, there is a pressing need to gain a deeper understanding about this complete ecosystem physicians operate in.

But how can sales reps more effectively reach the right providers, at the right time, with the right message? In this whitepaper, we examine how next-generation technology is giving commercial teams a distinct competitive edge, by connecting the multiple data sources in this ecosystem and providing integrated insights to target customers with the highest potential for success. Commercial teams can now access valuable, real-time information such as:
  • Historic prescribing preferences
  • Formulary and/or restrictions due to network or payer constraints
  • Participation in peer influence and patient assistance programs
  • Areas of scientific interest/clinical trial participation, publications
  • Preferred type(s) of engagement
  • Share of patients by payer book of business and organization
With these precise and predictive insights at their fingertips, commercial teams are delivering more timely value to their customers and ultimately ensuring delivery of their therapy to the patients who will benefit most. Learn how Zephyr Illuminate equips your sales teams with timely, relevant data and actionable insights to compete in this new environment.