The Definitive Guide to Global Life Sciences Transparency Regulations

A global guide to cross-border transparency regulations for Commercial and Medical Affairs teams in Life Sciences

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The Sunshine Act and regulations like it have dramatically changed the way the Life Sciences industry interacts with HCPs and HCOs. Despite initial uncertainty, the move towards transparency has been for the better, not just because transparency will be a driving force in the future of Life Sciences, but also because such laws have provided the industry with much-needed incentive to invest and research in data management, reporting, and analytics. This results in companies pushing data reporting standards to previously unseen levels of quality and efficiency.

In order to remain compliant, additional tracking and reporting of HCP payments is necessary, and while some Life Sciences companies have yet to fully realize the robust, centralized data intelligence processes required in order to simplify global compliance commitments, the tools are there to build such a unified platform and make that leap. These tools provide Life Sciences with the opportunity not just to navigate multiple regulatory requirements nimbly, but also to feed additional external datasets into existing datasets for a far more robust approach to key opinion leader engagement and commercial pipeline development.

This guide provides clear details on transparency regulations around the world. It also covers the background of these laws for a fuller understanding of today's healthcare landscape. Download this free, informative guide by filling out the form on this page!