The big data strategy that will transform brand leadership

Life sciences: the time is now for a comprehensive big data strategy

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Learn how you can develop a comprehensive big data strategy to transform commercial success

The ability to extract insights from big data is quickly becoming a key factor for competitive advantage in every industry. Life Sciences is no different, with an array of new public and private data sources coming online, creating a unique opportunity to extract deeper, real-time customer insights and deliver improved outcomes by more efficiently getting the right medical treatments to the right patients.

Never has it been clearer than now that Life Sciences companies need a comprehensive, cross-functional big data strategy. While tremendous recent advances have been made in data collection, integration and interrogation, many organizations still lack a cohesive big data strategy for the commercial side of the business, exposing the risk of excessive investment and insufficient return. This white paper, based on interviews with industry experts, explores the current landscape for big data within commercial functions, the challenges of exploiting it and a roadmap for success.

Data, Data Everywhere: Life science companies spend big money on big data - but are they getting their money’s worth without the proper insights?

Understanding the Real Cost of Big Data: Hard numbers on cost and ROI of commercial big data are not yet being systematically reported, yet companies run an even bigger risk in lost opportunity.

Speaking the Language of Big Data and Commercial Insights: Gaining a holistic view of both the customer and the market is difficult without integrated data. Cross-business big data strategy can coordinate an organization’s teams, resulting in a faster, more streamlined approach.

The Role for Data Scientists, Platforms, and Applications: More than just analysts, data scientists can help companies use data to take a proactive, not reactive, approach. The right big data partners, coordinating multiple, disconnected technology and data vendors, can create a single version of the truth.

A Roadmap for Success: For those Life Sciences organizations able to develop and execute a comprehensive approach, the reward will be major competitive advantage – but the time to act is now.