Put your brand in pole position with market access insights

New report identifies integrated market access data as key to fueling commercial success for pharma companies

Market access is more influential on drug development and commercial launch strategy than ever, with 85% of prescription drugs in the United States reimbursed through managed care plans. Biopharma companies must now take into account a multitude of factors when considering physician prescribing behaviors, and need a more integrated "pull-through" strategy across their teams, from managed markets, to marketing, to field sales. Just as an engine needs a steady supply of fuel to run efficiently, prescriber-facing teams – the commercial engine of life sciences companies – need market access data and insights to accelerate brand success. Today, the challenge is optimizing this fuel supply, as market access and commercial teams often operate in a siloed way with regards to data, market changes and insights.

"Powering the life sciences commercial engine with market access insights" is a report on the changing dynamics between market access and commercial teams, and the industry's current state versus future plans to re-engineer the business. This summary of survey responses comes from industry leaders working in market access, medical affairs, marketing and sales.

Key opportunities for life sciences to power their commercial teams for market access excellence include:

  • Identifying the gaps and siloes between market access and prescriber-facing teams.
  • Putting commercial teams in the driver's seat by upskilling them on market access insights as part of a pull-through strategy with prescribers and patients.
  • Equipping teams with technology that integrates market access data dynamically, from multiple sources, and disseminates insights across the organization.

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